Zodiac Signs Who Are Narcissistic, Ranked From Most To Least


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What is it about narcissists that make them so fascinating? Is it their over-exaggerated sense of self-importance or their entitlement and air of superiority? Maybe it’s because there are so many of them and we all know one… or ten.

If you’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist, you try never to be in that situation again. Narcissists are so full of themselves and their needs that they aren’t even aware of the damage that they do. Even their horoscope can’t convince them otherwise.

Narcissists will do whatever they need to do to get what they want, even if it leads to violence. While they may appear charming and warm, they’re actually cold, detached, and are lacking in compassion and empathy.

Some narcissists are fully aware of their narcissism and do nothing about it because they don’t think their narcissistic qualities are a bad thing. They’re not users, they’re merely focused and determined to get what they want out of life. They believe that they’re superior to everyone and if they don’t see you on their same level then you’re probably meant to assist them in their goals.

There’s one thing that narcissists don’t want and that’s a lack of attention. If all eyes aren’t on them, they’ll do what they have to do to get the focus back on them.

Narcissists are always seeking the perfect mate who must be beautiful, brilliant, powerful, and successful and when they find that someone, they hang on tight while at the same time trying to destroy their perfect mate’s power.

When talking to people, narcissists tend to exaggerate their achievements and talents so that they sound too good to be true — which they are. Never take a narcissist at face value or believe what they say, especially if it’s about themselves.

Here are the most narcissistic zodiac signs, ranked from most to least.

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