Young Autistic Boy Screams for Help as Bullies Nail Wooden Plank to His Head (MUST LOOK VIDEO)


I am in disbelief at the sickening thought that something like this would happen. Children have become so desensitized that they think it’s funny to torture an autistic kid? That is not okay!

Maybe if the government wasn’t stepping in and labeling spanking as child abuse then more children would have some sense knocked into them like the rest of us had when we were that age.

As if the movie Radio, with Cuba Gooding Jr. were playing out in real life, a 9-year-old autistic boy was tortured by a group of bullies, when they left a nail embedded in his skull, completely with a wooden plank.

According to his family, Romeo Smith is an easy target for the older bullies, and they had been picking on him for about a week before it led to the physical harm.

Daily Mail reports:

Romeo Smith, nine, from Ma nsfield, was approached by the group who were waving sticks and calling him cruel names he climbed a tree to try and escape.

But when he tried to make his way home one of the yobs threw a plank of wood at him with a large nail protruding.

Romeo’s father said, “As Romeo was walking away one of the lads came running up behind him and threw a bit of wood with a nail in it,” Craig Smith continued, “I saw it just stuck there, in the back of his head and then Romeo started screaming and running towards me.”

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