These 10 Signs In The Body Reveals You’re Not Healthy And You Must Not Ignore It



The human body is an amazing “machine”. It is the only machine that repairs itself after a trauma or when it gets infected. However, like any other machine, the human body can only take so much. It sends signals to tell you when enough is enough. I would always tell patients to “respect pain”, meaning, your body is telling you that it needs to stop and recuperate.

We must learn how to recognize the signs that our body sends us. This list covers 10 signs that indicate a possible health problem and a condition that we should not ignore.

1. Eye White

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Your sclera or the white part of your eye should always be white. Apart from insufficient sleep and colds, the appearance of your sclera can squeal severe problems in your body.  Yellow white may indicate jaundice, liver or gall bladder issues. Red white may be a sign of hypertensiofaces or viral diseases like conjunctivitis.


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