The 8 Types Of Narcissists + How To Spot Each One(MUST LOOK NO 8)


The 8 Types Of Narcissists + How To Spot Each One Hero Image

Isn’t it odd that all of a sudden everyone’s ex is a narcissist? How is that possible?

As evidence kept mounting that mine was too, I wondered how this catch-all cluster of traits known as narcissism could seem to hold true for so many people. So, I set out to do some research. Then it dawned on me; narcissists have always been with us in great number. They just weren’t labeled as such.

They’re the cheaters, selfish jerks, smooth talkers, know-it-alls, Romeos, rageaholics, control freaks, and victims we’ve all encountered along our life paths. Today, we tend to use the word “narcissist” to wrap them all up into one big ball of toxicity—people who are unable to sustain healthy relationships.

Here are some common types of narcissists. You might identify them by other names, but quite often, at their core, the pathology is the same.

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