Tamia can sing. Hands down. The six-time Grammy nominee is best known for her first Top 40 hit on the R&B charts “You Put a Move on My Heart”, her 2001 hit “Stranger in My House”, Fabolous’ 2003 hit “Into You” (which samples her 1998 song “So into You”), and her 2012 hit “Beautiful Surprise.”

From the moment she started singing, Tamia went on to make several albums, got married to NBA star Grant Hill and had children.  She was living the good life, touring and making a home by being a wife and mother.

But she and hubby Grant revealed later in 2003 that she had a diagnosis of MS. At first Tamia didn’t want to tell anyone that she had multiple sclerosis, because she wasn’t sure what it was.

When she did find out what it was and that it wasn’t a “death” sentence, they came forward and let everyone know. She wanted people to know that she was managing her symptoms and that having MS is not a sign of weakness.tamia2Their first child, Myla Grace Hill was born in 2002. Lael Rose Hill was born five years later. The young mom didn’t have any problems with her pregnancies. Multiple sclerosis seems to slow down and ease the symptoms during pregnancies. It may have something to do with the higher hormone levels women have during pregnancy.
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