Stop wasting time arguing with narcissistic people


When dealing with accommodating a person who has a‪ known or suspected Cluster B personality disorder or toxic thinking, the only person who ever truly benefits from arguing with them (or  ‘wins’) is THEM.


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Because narcissistic people love to argue and to create discord both for and between other people. When you spot the red flags or warning signs someone is coming from a wholly egocentric perspective in YOUR FAMILY (nation, peer group, or cultural state), steady yourself internally. Resist the urge to argue with them or even to defend yourself.

AGAIN (you might ask yourself)… Why?

Because above all else, narcissistic people are fundamentally irrational and pick fights or debate with other people simply because they are compulsively attention-seeking.

Narcissistic people are famous for using irrational argument tactics to time-suck and abuse unsuspecting victims. On the constant hunt for a “narcissistic supply source” that will pay attention to them, the more heated and volatile an exchange, the more likely a narcy person is to derive pleasure from the argument.
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