Oxford Neuroscientist Develops A ‘Love Drug’ to Help Humans Fall in Love


Everyone has probably dreamed of a love potion at least once in their lives.

They are in tons of fairytales, aiding a hero or heroine to the love of their life; just to find that that love isn’t actually real. Studies at Oxford University are just steps away from creating love pills that might actually end up making someone fall in love, but there seems to be a lot of questions as to whether or not using them would be such a good idea.

Anders Sandberg is a Neuroethicist as Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, and he says that while these love drugs haven’t yet hit the stores, it’ll be only a matter of years before they are active. His entire work is centered around understanding the ethical consequences of these pills by combining studies of neuroscience and philosophy.

Sandberg is quoted saying “All our emotions are built on the foundation of neuroscience”.


This is a huge statement because recently, neuroscientists are mapping out the processes in the brain when we are in love, which brings us ever closer to recreating those processes artificially.

While it’s no surprise that love is an extremely complicated emotion, neuroimaging of the brain is actually capturing just how complicated the feeling really is. Different sections of the brain are in charge of each stage of a romance, from the first initial feelings of attraction, all the way down to a full time commitment.

The very last step is the one that these love pills would focus on, helping couples to achieve a re-booted romance that will last. Sandberg helps to differentiate between these pills and what’s found in story books by saying, “it’s very different to the love potions in fairytales where you drink it and then fall in love with the next person who comes in. 

From an ethical standpoint, that’s very worrisome.

I would imagine a future love drug would be something you take together with your partner, and that causes a slow, long-term experience”.

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