Mom speaks out about how heroin killed 20-years daughter


Tragic overdose death of cheerleader, 20, who turned to HEROIN after getting hooked on painkillers when she broke her back in a car accident

Samantha Huntley first became addicted to opioids at 16 after she was in a car accident that broke her back.

Her doctor gave her a prescription for hydrocodone that lasted about six months, and this started Samantha’s four-year battle with painkillers which turned into a heroin addiction that killed her last month.

But during her struggle she tried to get help multiple times: she first went to a treatment center during the winter of 2015 after turning to heroin, and she visited about seven more before her death.

However, because her insurance policy would not cover an inpatient stay longer than 30 days, she was never stable enough to be on her own when she was forced to leave rehabilitation centers.

Samantha’s mother Julieann Gideon told in an interview today about the shocking moment she found her daughter dead.

Samantha Huntley (pictured), 20, from Missouri, died of a heroin overdose last month

She is now warning parents of the treatment options her daughter did not have access to that could have saved her life.

Samantha’s story illustrates the enormity of the drug crisis that continues to devastate communities across the US.

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