Mom puts 14 month old baby in oven and turns on the heat


It’s never nice to hear about children who have been abused, especially when it’s the child’s own parents who have harmed them.

Luckily, this little girl survived. But her scars will never fully heal.

It was in 2002 that Melissa put her youngest daughter in the oven, turned on the heat and closed the door. Ashley was only 14 months old.


Luckily Ashley’s father, Robert, heard her cries and was able to save her, but she had already sustained severe burns.

She endured 28 operations after the traumatic event, and the scars on her arms and forehead are still clearly visible today.

Melissa was sentenced to 25 years in prion for attempted murder after confessing her crime. She first claimed that it was an accident, but that was easily disproved.

Recenly, Ashley found out that her mother had applied for parole.

This came as a shock to Ashley. There is no way that she wants her mother to be released.

Someone who doesn’t agree is Ashley’s sister Melissa. She was eight years old when the terrible incident occured. She even saw it happen.
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