Is The Person You Are In Love A Big Narcissist? Here Are Some Early Warning Signs


Don’t make the mistake of being in love with a narcissist person. Why? Because they will just cause you pain. You met someone who is pretty, attentive and confident but seems to get lost in your words and feelings. She asks personal questions to get to know you better and pays attention to every word you tell her. She finds you interesting, and she looks to get to know more about you, and it feels fabulous. But, sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold, and your relationship may not turn out as you expected. There will be a lot of pain, confusion, heartbreaks, and tears. You have met a narcissist, and they do is to quickly capture your heart and make you believe that you have found the love of your dreams.

So, the question is there any warning signs that you can detect early in the relationship? So, if you’re always asking yourself, “Is she a narcissist?” here are three warning signs that you should look out for before you get into a serious relationship with her.

1. She throws love bombs now and then

The word, “love” gets tossed out as soon as she meets you for the first or second time. She says that she loves you and can’t imagine your life without you. She constantly tells you that her world is complete when you’re in it.  If someone you just met starts talking about love from the start, then it’s not real love. It might seem romantic, but the reality is quite the opposite. To be clear; it’s not love, let alone true love. She’s not talking about love to you it’s all about possessing.

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