If You Notice Any Of These 3 Symptoms You Suffer From Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)…



life with a narcissist may go through some corresponding occurrences which will resemble the symptoms of PTSD. We may call this PNSD or post-narcissist stress disorder.

The post-traumatic stress disorder develops after a person has experienced an event or action which causes intense fear, disbelief, helplessness or horror.

While it is common to have a period of adjusting and coping after a narcissist, for many of us, these periods of difficult adjustments may continue for quite a while. By taking some time, attitude adjustment, letting go of the narcissist and with taking care of yourself, such traumatic reactions will get better and disappear completely as well.

Any factor can bring on a PNSD. Even some things as simple as the familiar smell of his/her cologne on a stranger walking by … A song playing on the radio, or certain foods. It really does not matter what brings you back to that terrifying nightmare. What matters is that instantly and out-of-the-blue you can get back to a time in your life which was mentally and emotionally disturbing. These kinds of identifiers are called ‘triggers’.

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