How A Narcissist’s Delusions Of Grandeur Prevent Them From Loving You


hand holding woman's head - concept of narcissistic superiority

Love is a beautiful thing, but the narcissist is simply incapable of feeling or expressing it. And there is one simple reason why.

If you dive into the mind of a narcissist (and be careful if you do), you’ll see that their thoughts revolve almost exclusively around themselves, their needs, their desires, and how they can achieve their aims.

To them, other people are mere objects to be used for their benefit and gratification. They believe they are superior to everyone and anyone else, and this delusion of grandeur is the primary reason why they are unable to feel what you and I would call love.

Love, romantic or otherwise, is a connection; it is a communion of souls in which two people join together and share a deep-seated care for one another. In order for this connection to form, both parties must see beyond the outer layers of a person and witness the truth that lay hidden beneath. They must accept each other as reflections of their own humanity and, most importantly, as their equals.

Equal, in this sense, means being worthy of the same respect, treatment, and care as a fellow living creature. And love is not restricted to other human beings; it is just as possible to feel love for and from members of the animal kingdom.

A narcissist, however, does not view others to be in any way equal to them. They genuinely believe that they are better, more deserving, and greater in virtually all respects.

As such, they sit upon their pedestals looking down on us mere mortals with disdain. Is it any wonder, then, that a narcissist is incapable of forming the types of intimate connections that are the basis of love?

If they are unable to accept that another being might be equally as worthy and deserving as they are, how can they possibly act in a way that demonstrates this parity? How can they love?

Short answer: they can’t.

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