Don’t Let Sociopaths And Narcissists Feed You The Five Fingers Of Death



Being in a relationship with a narcissists or sociopath can be an ordeal of a lifetime. It is a soul draining dance with the soulless. And most of the time, you don’t know what you are into till the ball dance is over.

There are the 5 fingers of death that sociopaths and narcissists feed you if you have a relationship with them.


All roads to hell are paved with good intentions. Although that may be applicable to normal folk, such can’t be said of narcissists. Evil has been the motive from the inception of idea and plan.

Only to be coated with what looks like good. Little wonder they start their relationships with fantasies of surreal magnitudes.

This dopamine drenched experiences kick off with an overdose of affection. Swiftly followed by making you feel you stand high above the rest of the world.

One characteristic of them you will find almost impossible to notice is their unbelievable charm. They know what to say, when to say it and when to do the do. Their Is are dotted and Ts crossed.

They flood you with promises and drown you with gifts and admiration. At this point, you wouldn’t believe your luck. You have found your soul mate – or so it seems.

It looks like all your values, likes and even trivial dislikes match – just as if you stared in the mirror. Well, to an extent you are right because the narcissist is just mirroring you. They are masters of the craft.

At this stage of the relationship, their moves are very much intended. They want your guard down. They also want you addicted to this dopamine surging stage in the relationship and you will ask why?

Well, as the big bad wolf that they are, this is to make the neglect stage more hurtful. For them, your pain is their pleasure and they want higher doses of pleasure.

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