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Woman Panhandling With Infant Draws Concern For Child’s Health

By Angela Musallam Concern is mounting in communities around the Sacramento area as a panhandler sets up shop with a newborn baby in tow. The woman has been spotted from Citrus Heights to Roseville and everywhere in between, carrying an infant outside in the hot sun. Many fear the baby’s life is in danger and although […]

7 signs you’re in a relationship with an INTROVERT narcissist

Narcissism is often associated with its many external manifestations, including attention seeking, grandstanding, superficial charm, lack of reliability, boundary violation, manipulation, and many other traits. However, not all narcissists are openly grandiose and outwardly intrusive. Various researchers and authors have written about the introvertednarcissist, variously identified as the covert narcissist, the hypersensitive narcissist, the closet narcissist, and […]

10 Secrets Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know

By HowToWhere Narcissist or a person with Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) seems normal to naked eye. However, these individuals carry some very dark secrets that they don’t want others to know. The lack of empathy shields them from feelings of guilt. They don’t see the world with the same colors as normal humans do. Being avid liars, […]

Significant Changes in Serotonin Levels Observed Following Epileptic Seizures

Significant changes occur in peripheral serum serotonin levels following generalized (nonfocal) epileptic seizures, with inverse associations identified between serotonin levels and seizure duration. These findings possibly suggest a role of serotonin in postseizure recovery, according to a prospective, multicenter study published in Epilepsia. Patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy were enrolled in the study and were subsequently categorized […]

The one word you’ll absolutely hate if you’re a narcissist

It’s not ‘me’. You’ll LOVE ‘me’. by CATRIONA HARVEY-JENNER Many of us have elements of narcissism in our personality, and that’s completely normal. You only get one life, so it makes sense that you’d spend a fair amount of time focussing on what’s best for you. But some people have this trait in higher quantities than others, and […]


Narcissists can be very difficult to spot. Over time, they learn how to optimally manipulate their victims, and get by with their schemes without anyone questioning them. What makes it even more confusing is that they don’t all act the same way. Certain patterns of behaviour are consistent, such as when they idealise, devalue, then discard […]

Narcissists are right at home in the selfie generation

With the rampant rise of social media, narcissism has become increasingly transparent. Thousands of filtered selfies give the vain game away for the obviously afflicted. There are entire jam-packed platforms crammed with sculpted faux beautiful, narcissistic navel gazers who are utterly obsessed with themselves. Narcisism is, by definition, “excessive interest in or admiration of oneself”. […]

Should I Vaccinate My Child?

Many of my patients choose not to vaccinate their children. I welcome these patients and, frankly, love each of them. I love that they are passionate about their responsibility as moms and take the time to research and educate themselves about things that affect their kids. I love that they question the status quo and don’t just […]

Doctors Want More Information on Medical Cannabis, Study Finds

Nearly half of U.S. cancer doctors who responded to a survey say they’ve recently recommended medical marijuana to patients, although most say they don’t know enough about medicinal use. The results reflect how marijuana policy in some states has outpaced research, the study authors said. All 29 states with medical marijuana programs allow doctors to […]