Cannabis is a widely used drug, having users belonging to different age groups. It is mostly inhaled; the flowers and leaves of Cannabis sativa are used in pipes, cigars, cigarettes and water pipes. Marijuana finds its use in brewing tea and its oil-extracts are used in various food products. However, excessive use and abuse of marijuana can result into long lasting effects on the human body.

Physical and Emotional Effects of Cannabis for chronic pain

The abuse of marijuana among teenagers is a grave concern, as it can lead to severe health complications. Its long-term effects results in a person being addicted to it. Cannabis withdrawal syndrome is also recognized with associated symptoms including sleeping difficulties, anxiety, dysphoria and irritability. Cannabis smoke contains carcinogens, which is a major cause of lung cancer. Marijuana addiction is more common among teenagers as compared to the adults.

Smoking marijuana during teenage years can result in impaired neural connectivity in certain regions of the brain. It affects self-consciousness, alertness and in extreme cases, it can lead to long-term memory loss. With its excessive use, the functioning as well as the size of hippocampus, a major component of our brain, is impaired over time. Marijuana also results in mental illness. Due to marijuana addiction, teenagers are more likely to drop out of school as they cannot perform well in school related tasks. Usage of marijuana may also disrupt your ability to drive.

Cannabis for chronic pain

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