8 Things You Should Never Lend, Even to Your Nearest and Dearest (must look no8)


We all know that one must never borrow another person’s comb or toothbrush. However, there are many other personal belongings that we occasionally share with others but really shouldn’t.

Today Bright Side presents you with a list of objects that mustn’t have more than one owner. Plus, we’ll tell you how to keep them clean and in great condition!

1. Indoor shoes

When welcoming guests, it’s only natural to offer them slippers. But you’d better buy a special pair or two for use on such occasions only.

When you’re wearing shoes, your feet inevitably begin to sweat, creating the perfect breeding conditions for fungus. Try to avoid the unhygienic habit of putting slippers on wet feet to prevent the appearance of fungus and bacteria.

  • Even if we’re talking about your favorite pair, don’t wear them for too long: it’s best to change your slippers every 6 months. Remember to wash your indoor shoes occasionally, if the material permits. Alternatively, treat the inside of the slippers with disinfectants, such as vinegar.

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