7 subtle signs you may have a narcissist in your life (must look no 7)


It feels like narcissists are popping up everywhere lately. They’re the best, know all the awesome people, and attend the coolest parties.

“People who are narcissistic, they have a pretty big footprint. They have a lot of friends, they tend to date more,” said W. Keith Campbell, professor of psychology at the University of Georgia. “It’s not that there are more out there. But people who are narcissistic are extroverted and have big social networks. You just run into them a lot.”


But not every narcissist displays the bombastic, extroverted traits. And certainly some extroverts could look a bit like a narcissist.

“Most of us have some narcissistic qualities,” said Ann Kearney-Cooke, a psychologist at the Cincinnati Psychotherapy Institute. “Most are not full blown narcissists. But if you have a lot of certain qualities you might be.”

While, only about 2 percent of the population struggles with pathological narcissism there are people with loads of narcissistic traits driving us bananas at work, on dates, or in friendships. But, how can you tell?

Experts share some lesser known behaviors that might indicate whether that super fun, self-involved friend, loved one or coworker is really narcissistic.

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