7 Stages Of Marriage: What’s Your Stage?


Every marriage moves through different stages as the years pass. From the excitement of the early days of being married right to the day when you’re both retired, your marriage will keep growing and changing.

Understanding the different stages of marriage helps you analyze where your marriage is at right now. Read on to figure out which stage of marriage you’re in, and read these tips on how to navigate through each stage.

Stage 1: Excitement

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Stage one happens at the beginning of your marriage. You’re newly married, perhaps even just back from your honeymoon. You’re setting up your new life together and your passion for each other is at an all time high. This is a fantastic stage to be in as there is usually low conflict and lots to be excited about.

This is also the perfect time to start laying a strong foundation for the rest of your marriage. By building healthy habits now, you can prepare to navigate all the following stages with grace.

Risks: Getting too caught up in the passion and fun could give you a shock when you hit the next stage (reality check).

Tips: Start laying a solid foundation for your life together. Get into good financial habits, figure out how to divide chores, and start making long term plans to achieve your shared goals.

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