6 Strong Women Who Refused To Accept Their Fate


Women are often thought to be the gentler (read: weaker) sex. This description certainly sells them short, though. When it comes to handling severe issues that come their way, there is nothing quite like a woman’s will. The women that you are about to meet have stories that are difficult to fathom. Their inspiration tales will demonstrate their astonishing fortitude and ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles.


Coby Hall was born with the type of facial deformity that would make most of us give up entirely. She has gone through 18 different operations to resemble the strong young woman that she is today. She is now married to her high school sweetheart and also works in a surgical ward. Her happy ending proves that we can all achieve true happiness if we are willing to work for it.




Malala Yousafzai first came to prominence by writing a BBC blog about the horrors of living in a Taliban regime. She was not allowed or expected to attend school. This did not stop her from attending Oxford or becoming the youngest Nobel Prize laureate ever.



Mikayla Holmgren was born with Down syndrome and she did not allow this to stop her from competing in the Miss Minnesota pageant. Her story serves as a major inspiration for all those who are currently suffering from developmental diseases.



When Sarah Moore elected to leave the rat race behind, few expected her to move to a tiny Scottish island that is mostly inhabited by elderly residents who can no longer work. Instead of complaining, Sarah has taken on a whopping nine jobs in hopes of helping her new countrymen.



Bethany Hamilton was an up and coming surfer when she lost an arm after a vicious tiger shark attack. She was able to heal from the attack and she did not allow the shark to keep her out of the ocean. Her story has since been memorialized in a film and book (both are entitled Soul Surfer).



Liz Murray did not have the life that most children dream of. Her parents were both drug addicts who were too far gone to function properly. As a result of her awful upbringing, she elected to join a gang at the tender age of 15. She would eventually pull herself back together and attend Harvard University. She graduated an A student. Liz has since become a powerful motivational speaker and best selling author.



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