50 Micro Habits Narcissists Have To Maintain Control Of Their Victim



By Kirsten Corley

1. They make you think you’ve exaggerated an event in the past.

2. They knock you down just to be the one to build you back up.

3. They groom you: hurt you only to make it up to you with a gesture.

4. They call until you pick up.

5. They show up places they know you’re at just to publicly humiliate you.

6. They threaten you and take things away.

7. They belittle you then wonder why your confidence is shaky.

8. They don’t have control of their emotions.

9. They threaten to leave and tell you it’s your fault. Because they want you to beg them to stay.

10. When it’s a toxic relationship that slightly resembles yours, they make you feel like an idiot for tolerating mistreatment when in reality what they do it worse but they don’t see it.

11. Backhanded compliments are their forte.

12. They downplay your success because they don’t want to see you do well.

13. They like to portray themselves as having a perfect life.

14. So they try to maintain this reputation.

15. They won’t do things themselves but if you do it wrong they’ll say, ‘I would have done it better.’

16. They think you are an extension of them.

17. They make you fear them.

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