5 Signs You Are In Love with A Narcissist Who Is Trying to Emotionally Abuse You! (LOOK NO 4)


There is a big different with people, who are just full of themselves and a bit narcissistic and people, who have a serious disorder. Narcissism as an actual personality disorder is far worse than just thinking greatly about yourself.

People, who have the disease are very manipulative, especially with the person that is closest to them. That is why most of the problems are within relationships and are not talked about a lot.

In addition to being manipulative, narcissists are deceitfulness, they lack of empathy and they are inter-personally exploitative.

It may be difficult to notice and define the signs, especially when you are in love and trust the person you are with. It is still important to identify these red flags, because these people might get worse over time and then it is even more difficult to get away from these people. Narcissistic people might be abusive and controlling.

They make up their own rules and boundaries, which you have to follow.

Here are the signs, that your partner is manipulating you and being narcissistic:


There are usually three phases, that a narcissist goes though in a relationship. First there is idealization, which happen in the early stages of a relationship. In this phase the person will put you in the center of everything, give you gifts and compliments and make you feel like the most special person in the world. This phase is usually the one, where people get sucked in the relationship.

Then comes the devaluation phase, where the narcissist will suddenly start to act different. The compliments are replaced with insults and criticism and they start to put you down and make you feel unworthy of their love in all possible ways. The last phase is discarding, where the narcissist abandons you in the most horrific and demeaning way possible.

This might include leaving you for someone else, humiliating in a public place, being physically abusive or some other ways showing you that you are no longer needed nor important.

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