4 Brutally Honest Things Survivors Of Narcissistic Abuse Want To Say To Their Abusers (look no 4)


Whatever the root cause of their behavior, a narcissist will cause untold suffering to those they abuse. They are spirit crushers; they take an individual and control, confuse, and torment them with a bewildering array of verbal and physical weaponry just to gratify their insatiable, egotistical mind.

Upon escaping this toxic personality, it can take a survivor a great deal of time to recapture some semblance of their former identity, but they will never quite resemble the person they were before.

Despite this, they will eventually reach a place where they are able to look back on their experiences at the hands of a narcissist with some small amount of acceptance. They will never fully understand why they had to endure such suffering, but they will no longer be imprisoned by the lingering influence of their narcissist.

While it is recommended that someone who has been through such an ordeal never again make contact with the person in question, there are a few things that many would love to be able to say to their abuser.

Here are four such statements that might be said.

1. You Did NOT Break Me

You hurt me in ways that you’ll never quite understand. At times, life with you felt like a form of psychological torture as you pushed me ever closer to the brink of the abyss.

You took me, you chewed me up, and you spat me out again. You have forever changed me in ways that I am still coming to terms with.

You looked at me as a tool and used me as just that. You didn’t care for me; all you wanted from me was the adoration and attention that you crave.

I just want you to know that you did NOT break me. My spirit may have been hurt, but since leaving you behind, it has once again bloomed and flourished.

In spite of all your attempts to degrade and destroy me, you failed. I stand here today in defiance of you and everything you did to me.

2. You No Longer Have A Place In My Heart (And That’s Your Loss)

For a long time, my heart belonged to you. You had my love, my care, and my devotion, but you wasted it and now it is gone.

There is no longer a place for you in my heart and I want you to know that there never will be again. What you had was a privilege and an honor, but you know no respect for such things.

You may think you have much in your life, but my love – and the love of all those who have left you behind – is something that you will be much poorer without.
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