3-year-old girl learned that kids with cancer lose their hair, helps them in selfless fashion


A little girl named Emily is about to steal your heart. She is only 3-years-old and is more compassionate and selfless than many people. The little girl found out that kids with cancer lose their hair — she wanted to help out in any way possible.

Emily’s mom and dad suggested that she donate some of her beautiful golden long locks to make wigs for kids with cancer. They had seen pictures of kids her age with no hair and Emily was very moved by them.

As soon as 3-year-old Emily found out she could donate her hair to children with cancer, she jumped at the opportunity.

Her parents explained to her that in order to do this, she’d need to have her hair cut pretty short and it might take some time to grow back. Emily seemed to be completely fine with that. In fact, it didn’t bother her one bit.

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