22 Signs You Grew Up With Fibromyalgia (LOOK NO 20)


22 Signs You Grew Up With Fibromyalgia

Editor’s note: Any medical information included is based on a personal experience. For questions or concerns regarding health or diagnoses, please consult a doctor or medical professional.

Although most people who have fibromyalgia aren’t diagnosed until middle age, many can actually trace their symptoms back to adolescence or even childhood. Perhaps you felt more tired than other kids in your class, or often experienced what your doctor referred to as “growing pains.” But if this is your “normal” growing up, it may take many years to recognize that the pain, fatigue, brain fog or sensitivity to touch you’ve grown accustomed to is actually indicative of an underlying health condition.

Sometimes receiving a diagnosis as an adult not only puts a name to your current set of symptoms, but can also make sense of some of your childhood experiences. We asked our Mighty community with fibromyalgia to share some of the signs they grew up with fibro, which they now recognize in retrospect. Perhaps the following will bring back some memories of your own childhood.


Here’s what the community shared with us:

1. “I was always more fatigued than seemed ‘normal,’ especially for my age. Also went through episodes of severe back pain, knee pain and leg pain.”

2. “As a child, [I was] told my ‘growing pains’ were normal, even when that pain had no other logical explanation and never went away. I was also told by friends and family that I was over-exaggerating or overly sensitive when I would wince in pain when touched in certain spots of my body.”

3. “As I look back, I would get horrible migraines from being in the sun, [and] I had to always take naps.”

4. “Not being able to participate in gym class but never having a legitimate excuse besides ‘I just don’t feel good.’”

5. “The nausea was the worst. The thing I remember the most is spending hours of the night crying on the bathroom floor afraid of what I was feeling. It was full-body hot, stinging pain that came with shaking and extreme weakness. I didn’t understand why I felt like I needed to throw up but never actually did and why it wouldn’t go away.”

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