20 Extremely Brutal Signs You’re In Love With A Narcissist (MUST LOOK NO 20)


They’re perfect. Unlucky you.
Confident, charismatic, and overwhelmingly charming, there are few who can compete with anarcissist when it comes to making a fantastic first impression. There are those who can see through the mask and those who can’t. The latter will learn the hard way.
More than simply someone who likes to look in the mirror and talk about themselves,narcissists are master manipulators with a strong objective to objectify and a inability to empathize.  These men and women  will do every possible thing they can to suck every last ounce of dignity and security out of their partners. And a relationship with them can be more than painful — it can be downright dangerous.
Here are 20 signs you might be dating a narcissist (only a professional can say for sure), and the many ways they’ll ruin your life.  
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