13 Ways Narcissists Try to Manipulate and Control You: Be Extremely Careful of No. 13


There are a lot of people in this world that you can describe as “toxic”.

People like psychopaths and malignant narcissists may sometimes act like normal people in the beginning until they form relationships with other people. Relationships can be formed with family members, friends and intimate partners.

There are a lot of tactics that are used by these highly manipulative people to appear that they are always right.

They are usually narcissistic in nature and they do not want to take the responsibility of being wrong. Toxic people will make use of the diversion tactics that will be mentioned below in order to victimize you.

Spare yourself the trouble and distance yourself from toxic people once you see these manipulative tactics used.


You may want to talk to someone whom you consider to be “toxic”, in order to improve your relationship but you will not get this.

Instead, you are going to have conversations that you barely understand.

Even if you are trying to get into the root of the problem, you will be targeted for all the things that you do not agree with. If you do not know any better, you will suddenly feel like you are the lowest human being on earth just because of believing in the things that you do.

Remember that toxic people will make you feel this way because they believe that you are the problem, if they do not agree with you. You will only become more confused and frustrated. In the end, you may not even remember what you are fighting about.

When you feel down because of the conversation that you have had with a toxic person, remember that it is not you that they are arguing with. They are trying to argue with themselves because in reality, they would love the drama.

Remember that it is not you who is the problem no matter what they say. It is their attitude that should be changed if they would will themselves to do so.

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