12 dangerous symptoms in children you should never ignore (MUST LOOK NO 12)


  • When we become parents, the well-being of our children becomes one of our top priorities. When they are afflicted with an extreme illness, our concern increases because seeing our children suffer brings a feeling of helplessness unlike any other.
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  • Because of this, the first sign of something abnormal makes us jump to see an expert or find a way to cure the illness before it escalates beyond our control. However, even with the all-seeing eye of a parent, we can sometimes overlook the dangerous symptoms of disease.
  • Here are some of those dangerous symptoms that should never be ignored:
  • 1. High fever

  • In the case of a baby up to three months old, a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above should be immediately checked out. For a baby that is three to six months old, a high fever is considered to be anything above 101 degrees. After that, a high fever for your child is usually about 103 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Remember that the level shown on the thermometer is not the only important thing to consider when diagnosing an problem. If the fever is still low, but the child is very unwell, contact your pediatrician.
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