11 Ways Narcissists Try and Manipulate You (MUST LOOK #10)


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There are narcissists all around you. But that’s not the problem. The problem arises when narcissists try to manipulate you for their own motives. If you think there’s a narcissist in your life who’s intent upon using you for their own benefit, it’s necessary to recognize their ways and tricks.

The one trait every narcissist has is that of selfishness. A narcissist will always be selfish. When dealing with a narcissist, it is always best to keep your distance in order to protect yourself from their devious ways.

11 ways narcissists try to manipulate you

1. Triangulation


A narcissist always believes he/she is right. In their heads, they cannot ever be wrong. For this reason, whenever they get into an argument with you, they tend to bring a third person into the conversation. The third end of this triangular conversation will be brought in as support for them. They bring third party as a witness who has already been convinced of his/her point of view.

2. Devaluing

Initially, the narcissist praises your qualities. After short period, he/she will criticize all of those traits. This is their tactic to make you believe that you are worth nothing and you need to do more if you want to stay in their good books. It makes you question your value and is a major attack at your self-esteem.

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