11 Signs Of Gaslighting In Your Relationship, Beware! -Must LOOK No 10



Gaslighting is a manipulating way someone uses to control some other person by making them doubt what is real. It may look like a pretty simple tactics but its methodologies are very subtle, and thus its damage may not be recognized until it is too late. Such subtlety in its execution makes almost everyone susceptible to it. It is a well-known fact that the tactic is commonly used by narcissists in positions of power such as politicians, emperors, dictators, religious leaders, thought leaders, leaders in the corporate world and more. It’s a manipulative tactic that is slowly executed. It is done that way to not alert the intended victim of the malicious intent. So that it becomes too late to change. Its expressly depicted in the 1994 movie ”Gaslight”, where a man succeeds in convincing his wife – through this method, that she was insane.

Those who frequently use gaslight, use these 11 techniques to do so. These methods – if well known by you, can serve as telltale signs of a manipulation going on. Below are these tactics, discussed in detail.

1. They tell white lies.

Everyone at some point in their lives tells a lie. But most times it isn’t done with malicious intent in mind and fact we don’t feel good about ourselves after such acts. But for those who have mastered gaslighting as a craft, intentionally telling lies is something they savor. And these lies are usually tough to believe. In fact, as they say, such lies with a straight face, everything within you – in chorus with bulls hit meter, begin to sing high pitched alarms. And then you start to wonder why they would do that, knowing very well that you aren’t buying their snake oil stories. Well, they are not fools, they know that you are finding their stories ridiculous and hard to believe, but they keep telling them to you to keep you on your toes when it comes to them and their behaviors. See, they know that with such audacious lying, you would find it very difficult to trust them and thus will always have to second guess their every move. The goal here is still to keep you on edge. No one stays on edge too long without making silly mistakes and poor judgment. A bored person is far easier to manipulate than someone who is at peace in their lives.

2. They deny ever saying a thing, even in the presence of evidence.

They are good at making a promise, but they wouldn’t keep to their vows. And this is done on purpose. Imagine that you heard someone say something but also find the person vehemently deny ever saying it. At first, this can be very irritating and annoying too, but with the time that may lead you to start doubting your ears. Well, this all a plot to make you start questioning reality. And in replacement of what is real, you will choose what they say is real.

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