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Being on bedrest is never fun. It can be long, dreary and time consuming. With IBD, we can find
ourselves on bedrest for various reasons. Whether it’s a bad flare that just won’t allow us to be
physically active, or a procedure or surgery that has us out of whack.

These are a few things I thought of to make bedrest a little more tolerable:

1.Start A Blog – I started my very first blog after getting my colon removed back in 2014.
Blogging has opened so many doors and brought so many amazing opportunities and
people into my life. Whether you choose to blog about your condition or just life in general,
blogging can be a great way to release your innermost thoughts and frustrations in a
productive and positive way.

2.Read A Blog – What else would come next? If you find yourself bored at home with
nothing to do, find a new blog to dive into! After getting my colon removed, Amber of
Colitis Ninja reached out to me (after running across my blog and my story). I found her
website so informative and empowering. Whether it’s from another IBD patient or
focused on something entirely different, reading blogs can help to normalize your
experiences and help you feel more connected to the world.
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