10 Signs You Were Raised by a Narcissistic Mother (look no 9)


narcissistic mother

Children should be nurtured by both sets of parents, but if one is a narcissistic mother, then all the attention will be directed towards her.

It is natural for parents to want their children to do well in life. Parents that have good self-esteem and strong self-confidence are more likely to pass these traits onto their children.

But when a parent is obsessively preoccupied with being the centre of attention at all times, and needs constant compliments, this has an enormous effect on their children.

So how do you identify a narcissistic mother?

Here are ten signs:

1. Lives vicariously through the child’s life

The children of narcissistic mothers exist only to achieve their mother’s goals, dreams and aspirations. The child is not raised to meet their own expectations, but those of the mother. It is extremely important for a narcissistic mother to show the outside world that she is superior and she sees her own child as merely a tool or accessory in order to achieve this.

The child will not be able to pursue activities they find interesting unless it fits in with how the mother wants to world to perceive her. The mother will control every aspect of her child’s life, but not care about their individuality or emotions, just so that they keep up the façade of their perfect life.

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