10 Signs It’s Narcissistic Abuse -Women Working (must look no 9)


Relationship abuse can come in many forms and – while not always the case – often happens because of an underlying issue or psychological diagnosis. One diagnosis is narcissism, where the individual suffers from an idealized image of themselves, a lack of empathy and a pathological craving for admiration. While a lot of symptoms of abuse overlap among the different forms, the following signs may indicate narcissistic abuse.

1.He makes you feel delusional
Gaslighting is a common sign of abuse: when your partner tries to invalidate your feelings and makes you feel mentally incompetent until you doubt your own perception of reality.

2.You feel guilty about your emotions
If your partner intentionally elicits feelings of fear, obligation or guilt, he may be emotionally blackmailing you.

3.He calls you names or makes you feel worthless.
Narcissists often put their partners down in an attempt to make themselves feel better or more important.

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