Grieving mother hanged herself struggling with debt and depression after boyfriend’s suicide


Mother struggling with debt and depression hanged herself after boyfriend's suicide

Richard Hartley-Parkinson

A mother died nine months after her boyfriend took his own life in similar circumstances while struggling with debt, depression and sleeping problems, an inquest heard. Jenna Greenwood, 31, was found hanged at home by an ex-boyfriend who was returning her two young children to their home in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, last May.

Bradford Coroner’s Court was told that the healthcare assistant was struggling to cope following the death of her boyfriend Kallum Bates nine months earlier in August 2016.

Her father, Stephen Greenwood, said that she had consulted a medium following his death as a way of trying to cope.

But coroner Martin Fleming heard evidence that Jenna’s death came as a bolt from the blue to her loving and supportive family and friends, several of whom attended the hearing.

Only the night before he said she had attended a family barbecue and said ‘no-one had any cause to have any concerns about her.’

A grieving mum whose soulmate took his own life hanged herself in similar circumstances just months later, an inquest heard. Doting mum Jenna Greenwood, 31, a health care assistant at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax, was found hanged at her home on the afternoon of May 7 2017, by an ex-partner who was returning her two young children. Caption: Doting mum Jenna Greenwood, 31, of Mytholmroyd, who took her own life after the death of her partner.

However, he said on the afternoon of May 7 her ex-partner found her ‘in very, very distressing circumstances’.

Mr Fleming said she had embarked on a new relationship in 2014 with someone several years younger than herself.

However, he said her joy in the relationship was short-lived as he took his own life less than two years later. He said: ‘I’m told that she took this really badly and struggled to come to terms with it.’

He said she was doing her best to cope with the loss as well as ‘doing her best to work and bringing up two young children. She was having counselling and seemed to be coping. She seemed to be in good spirits.’

Mr Greenwood, of Bridlington, was asked by the coroner whether she had ever said she had ‘dark thoughts’ or had ever expressed any intention of hurting herself.

He replied: ‘I know she had gone to see a medium, a fortune teller if you like. Unfortunately these people prey on people’s misery.’

Mr Fleming said it appeared to be a ‘one-off visit’ and said it appeared to be ‘an attempt to find some comfort’ to which her father replied: ‘Solace, yes.’

The coroner said it was clear from her GP’s statement that the heart-breaking loss of her partner who had died in similar circumstances had had a big impact on her.

He said there were no suspicious circumstances and concluded that she had taken her own life. He described hearing the inquest as ‘desperately sad.’


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