Can You Be An Empath Without Being A Target For Narcissists?


I am proud of caring about other people – and I know you are too.

But do we, as a result of having been abused, have to toughen up, guard our heart, stop being giving and trusting and shut down to ourselves, life and others in order to be safe?

The great news is I don’t believe we have to … and in today’s Thriver TV episode I am going to take you through a step-by-step journey today, to show you how you can be an awesome, beautiful, giving person AND be safe …. not just from narcissists, but also safeguarded against being taken for granted by anyone ever again.

Today’s episode is all about being a beautiful, kind-hearted person who will never get taken down by a narcissist again – The Quantum Way.

Meaning you don’t have to go into contraction and defenses trapping all your fear and pain inside you – which is not just intensely painful but also means a continuation of the depression, anxiety and emotional pain that you are suffering.

Or … that you have to pull back in life, dim down, hide out and give up all human connection to avoid ever getting hurt again – therefore ceasing to engage in life.

Do we have to give up being a GOOD person, because there are so many BAD people in the world?

Can we still be GOOD and keep the BAD out?

Absolutely we can – like the beautiful boundary boss we all have the right and power to be!

Discover these 6 life-changing steps today about how to be the AMAZING loved and lovable person you are, who will NEVER get narcissistically abused or taken for granted again.

This is one of the most important messages for sensitive, loving people to get right – being able to have a great life ourselves as well as help generate that for others in HEALTHY ways.

Otherwise, would our life be worth living, if we had to stop being who we really are?

I don’t think it would, and that is why I passionately wanted to talk about this topic with you today!

As always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.


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